Basement Systems: Larry Janesky, Founder and CEOBaxter International: Harry Kraemer, former Chairman and CEO

Bausch & Lomb: Brent Saunders, CEO

Bausch & Lomb: Brent Saunders, CEO

The world’s leader in eye health products drives a new strategy

Brent Saunders is chief executive officer of Bausch + Lomb.  He was appointed to this position in March 2010.  Mr. Saunders brings significant expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, having recently served as a senior executive with Schering-Plough. Most recently he held the position of president of Global Consumer Health Care and was named head of integration for Schering-Plough's merger with Merck & Co. and for Schering-Plough's acquisition of Organon BioSciences.

CEOShow interview:  2/13/2011

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