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Basement Systems: Larry Janesky, Founder and CEO

Basement Systems: Larry Janesky, Founder and CEO

Turning a basement business into an American icon

Larry Janesky’s business career is a classic story of the American Dream. Janesky shares how starting as a carpenter he built from scratch, a leading international organization using intuition, technology, and leadership skills. During the interview, Janesky shares practical and forthright advice, including the role of confidence and competitiveness, seizing on opportunity, and “treating everybody with respect and respecting their talents”. Janesky also provides insights about identifying what’s important to the customer, assisting salespersons to serve the customer more effectively, and designing the business environment to be a place in which it’s both fun to work and to innovate. Basement Systems offers a business model that entrepreneurs and people looking for a career could do well to consider.

CEO Show Interview: 5/31/2009

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