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Regus: Mark Dixon, Founder and Global CEO, Regus

Regus: Mark Dixon, Founder and Global CEO, Regus

Outsourcing overhead through the original shared office space solution

Mark Dixon, CEO of Regus, an international company headquartered in Luxembourg and a large presence in the U.S., is interviewed on the CEO Show by host Robert Reiss about the revolutionary approach to providing nearly instant, ready-to go office space in over 90 countries around the world. Dixon tells Reiss how Regus office space is typically complete with all the furnishings, equipment, and support staff that owned office space would normally provide - without the capital requirements but offering immense flexibility.

Dixon proceeds to speak about the Regus business model and the recession that he foresaw in 2008. In Dixon’s words, “I’ve always found that you have to start thinking about reinventing a model once a recession looks like it’s coming over the horizon.” From there he points to the future where the growing trend indicates more and more business people expect to be mobile in their means of communication and flexible in their commitments to office space and services.

Among other topics Dixon touches on include video conferencing and the need to use creativity to lower costs; he emphasizes the importance of focusing on the basics, making tough decisions, and being prepared to take risks.


CEO Show Interview: 10/09/2011

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